The simulation of communication protocols and assessment on privacy and security in the exchange of information are the main focus of research conducted by Intermedia Laboratory of Institute of Mathematics and Computer Sciences (ICMC) of USP in São Carlos, in the  National Institute of science and Technology in Critical Embedded Systems (INCT-SEC) .
The laboratory develops communication technology and user-machine interfacing. In particular, research the issue of determining appropriate protocols for air communication – in which factors combined with the distance, speed and noise are important – and for communication between land vehicles, which is quick, opportunistic and takes place in very short periods of time.
According to Professor Dr. Edson dos Santos Moreira, responsible for Intermedia Lab, “the area of communication between vehicles has a great potential, including those related to the optimization of traffic on the road system, known as  Intelligent Transportation System – ITS . We believe that many of the works done in the laboratory, involving communication, context awareness and user-machine interface design, can be used in the area. “
ITS refers to all types of communication interfaces between different vehicles and between vehicles and transport infrastructure. Because it is intelligent systems are characterized as advanced applications that aim to provide innovative services for managing traffic, making the use of safer transport networks.
Besides Moreira, part of Intermedia Laboratory under the INCT-SEC doctors teachers Rudinei Goularte, Maria da Graça Campos Pimentel and Pontim Renata de Mattos Fortes; doctoral students Roberto Sadao Yokoyama (signaling area in vehicular networks), Kifayat Ullah (communication in vehicular networks) and Luz Marina Santos Jaimes (security and privacy in communication between vehicles); the graduate student Matheus Ricardo Uihara Zingarelli (image processing) and graduating Sergio Zumpano Arnosti (sensory instrumentation for vehicles). During the period of the INCT-SEC, other three doctoral and two master students were formed by the group.
For Moreira, participation in INCT-SEC collaboration network has brought good results for allowing practical problems arising from the research of the various Working Groups (GTs) and devices (air and ground robots) developed within the Institute serve as basis for the creation of new models and communication techniques.The laboratory research are part of the GT2 – Land and Autonomous Vehicles and GT3 – Air Systems Unmanned.

The major partnerships established by Intermedia Laboratory are with the Federal University of São Carlos (UFSCar), Politecnico of Torino (Italy), Middlesex University (UK) and University of Twente (Netherlands).

Text and photos: Suzana Xavier – Communication Advisory INCT-SEC

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