Monitoring techniques via mobile devices: supporting resources for Aging in Place

Técnicas de monitoramento via dispositivos móveis: recursos de apoio para o envelhecimento no lugar

PhD Project

Student: Bruna Carolina Rodrigues da Cunha

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Maria da Graça Campos Pimentel


Thanks to improved quality of life in general, people are living better and longer. In this scenario, the elderly want to live alone and independently. This choice has led researchers to investigate systems designed to monitor and assist older people in their daily life so that senior citizens and their family feel more secure. Several studies report results that involve sensors, bracelets and other devices, even though these technologies are part of the reality of a few users. Also, while sensors must be installed in environments which implies high costs and limits the monitoring to specific environments, technologies like bracelets are considered limited and as well as costly. On the other hand, mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets increase in popularity and interaction capabilities while decrease in cost. In addition, wearables, such as smart watches, are becoming affordable and its integration with mobile devices provides new interaction possibilities. Considering these deficiencies and opportunities, this project aims to propose monitoring techniques that make use of mobile and wearable devices in the scenario of monitoring and supporting the daily health care of senior citizens.

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